David Rosenfelt: Storyteller Extraordinaire

By K.P. Gresham

So there I was, getting ready to go on our Christmas cruise with my better half, Kevin, and our daughter, Bethany, and realizing that I didn’t have enough books for our vacation. My goal is to enjoy reading three books each cruise—I never have this luxury of time anywhere else. Most of the books I “read” now are on audio, which I listen to on my 3 mile walk with my Chihuahua, Tipper. But this was the night before our departure and I suddenly realized I only had two hard copy books: the latest J.D. Robb book and the eighth in the Sci-Fi Opera series, The Expanse by James S.A. Corey.

Off I went to the bookstore. Both already chosen books were kinda heavy (literally and physically), so I thought I’d look for something a little lighter. I saw a fun little Christmas book—had snow and a golden retriever puppy on the cover and I thought I’d read this little cozy looking book titled Best in Snow by David Rosenfelt.

This book was everything I love about reading. Yes, it had a golden retriever in the story, but this was not just a cozy. In fact, finding a category in which to fit this book is beyond my capabilities. It is a legal procedural, a comedy, suspenseful, and had a serious plot with more twists in it than a country road. The hero of the story, Andy Carpenter, has a self-deprecating humor that makes you want to have a beer with him, he loves sports, and he hangs out with a phenomenal group of characters. It had every element of a book that just makes me happy.

The craft that went into writing this book was top-notch. There was not one page written that didn’t make you want to turn the page. Every single word in the book was necessary; Rosenfelt’s writing was smooth, fast, and to-the-point.

As soon as I got off the cruise ship, I headed for my favorite audio book vendor. It turns out that Best in Snow was the 24th book in the “The Andy Carpenter Mystery Series.” I enjoy reading series in order, so I decided to go back to book #1, Open and Shut. It is now January 18th, and I just finished listening to book #7, New Tricks. And each one was better than the last.

So, here’s the skinny on this delightful author. David Rosenfelt graduated from New York University and then decided to work in the movie business. After being interviewed by his uncle, who was the President of United Artists, he was hired and worked his way up the corporate ladder. Rosenfelt eventually became the marketing president for Tri-Star Pictures.

Rosenfelt left the corporate treadmill and turned to writing novels. He has now authored over thirty-three books which include a different series and several stand-alones. In 1995, he and his wife started the “Tara Foundation” which has saved almost 4,000 dogs. He is a dog lover and supports more than two dozen dogs.

Hopefully this blog serves as bait for you to discover this author. If you like dogs, humor, nail-biting drama and a darned good story, a book by David Rosenfelt should be your next read.

K.P. Gresham, Author

Professional Character Assassin

K.P. Gresham is the award-winning author of the Pastor Matt Hayden Mystery Series as well as several stand-alone novels.  Active in Sisters in Crime and the Writers League of Texas, she has won Best Novel awards from the Bay Area Writers League as well as the Mystery Writers of America.

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